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Zoo Database

From Richard Forsyth


7 classes of animals

17 attributes (besides name), 15 Boolean and 2 numeric-valued

No missing attribute values

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1. Title: Zoo database

2. Source Information

-- Creator: Richard Forsyth

-- Donor: Richard S. Forsyth

8 Grosvenor Avenue

Mapperley Park

Nottingham NG3 5DX


-- Date: 5/15/1990

3. Past Usage:

-- None known other than what is shown in Forsyth's PC/BEAGLE User's Guide.

4. Relevant Information:

-- A simple database containing 17 Boolean-valued attributes. The "type"

attribute appears to be the class attribute. Here is a breakdown of

which animals are in which type: (I find it unusual that there are

2 instances of "frog" and one of "girl"!)

Class# Set of animals:

====== ===============================================================

1 (41) aardvark, antelope, bear, boar, buffalo, calf,

cavy, cheetah, deer, dolphin, elephant,

fruitbat, giraffe, girl, goat, gorilla, hamster,

hare, leopard, lion, lynx, mink, mole, mongoose,

opossum, oryx, platypus, polecat, pony,

porpoise, puma, pussycat, raccoon, reindeer,

seal, sealion, squirrel, vampire, vole, wallaby,wolf

2 (20) chicken, crow, dove, duck, flamingo, gull, hawk,

kiwi, lark, ostrich, parakeet, penguin, pheasant,

rhea, skimmer, skua, sparrow, swan, vulture, wren

3 (5) pitviper, seasnake, slowworm, tortoise, tuatara

4 (13) bass, carp, catfish, chub, dogfish, haddock,

herring, pike, piranha, seahorse, sole, stingray, tuna

5 (4) frog, frog, newt, toad

6 (8) flea, gnat, honeybee, housefly, ladybird, moth, termite, wasp

7 (10) clam, crab, crayfish, lobster, octopus,