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Gradient must be provided for

» [xmin. opt. exflag. out, grad, hessian ]=fminunc(@rb,[-1.2 1].options)

Warning: Gradient must be provided for trust-region method;

using line-search method instead. 

> In C:\MATLABR12\toolbox\optim\fminunc.m at line 211 

Optimization terminated successfully:

Current search direction is a descent direction, and magnitude of directional derivative in search direction less than 2*options.TolFun 

xmin =

1.0000 1.0000

opt =



out =

iterations: 26

funcCount: 162

stepsize: 1.2992

firstorderopt: 5.0020e-004

algorithm: 'medium-scale: Quasi-Newton line search' 


l.Oe-003 *



hessian =

820.4028 -409.5496

-409.5496 204.7720

firstorderopt - мера оптимальности для первой нормы градиента целевой функции в найденной точке минимума; 

»options=optimset('tolX' Gе-6. 'maxFunEvals' .162): 

» [xmin. opt]=lsqnonlin(@rb,[-1.2 1].[0 le-6].[0 le-6],options) 

Warning: Large-scale method requires at least as many equations as variables:

switching to line-search method instead. Upper and lower bounds will be ignored.

> In C:\MATLABR12\toolbox\optim\private\lsqncommon.m at line 155 

In C:\MATLABR12\toolbox\optim\lsqnonlin.m at line 121 

Maximum number of function evaluations exceeded Increase 


xmin =

0.6120 0.3715 

opt =


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